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Listing compiled by: Russell Reneau & Clyde Hart

Baylor University's Track & Field Program has an uncommon and exceptional history with 400-meter and 440-yard sprinters ("Quartermilers") that spanned many decades. The legend of the Baylor Quartermiler has been described in countless articles, in books, on television, and has been studied by numerous foreign countries. A worldwide reputation of success with the long sprint resulted in the institution being nicknamed "QUARTERMILER U" - a laboratory created by legendary coach CLYDE HART that has mastered the unlikely art of taking a child's simple potential, helping them discover something in them they didn't know they had, and thus turning them into 1-lap All-Americans, National Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, and World Record Holders. BUT...

If you only see the world's most famous names -- MICHAEL JOHNSON, JEREMY WARINER, DAROLD WILLIAMSON -- you're only looking at the tip of the iceberg. Peek below the surface at the long list of quartermile PIONEERS who may not have achieved worldwide fame -- but were it not for them, "QUARTERMILER U" could not possibly exist.

The FUTURE of Quartermiler U? Like everything else in life -- uncertain. But this place is about celebrating the past, not predicting the future. Despite the fact that this tradition spanned an astonishing 44 YEARS ("44!" coincidence?), some may look on this historical archive with sweet bitterness, resistance to changing times, and longing for a return of Baylor's reign over the 400 meter domain. To that there can be only one response: "The future is a mystery... marvel in the history... because the past will never change!"

The following list consists of every sprinter who has run the 400-meter or 440-yard dash in 46.99 seconds or faster, while competing for Baylor University between 1964 and 2008.

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